Analyzer Project Checklist

  1. Verify manufactures capabilities
  2. Verify that everyone fully understands the scope of the project
  3. Verify that everyone fully understands how the product is to be delivered
  4. Verify all data supplied as correct
  5. Use an integrator to pull the devices together
  6. Set-up milestones for the complete project (cradle to grave)
  7. Use conference calls and photos to verify progress & open issues
  8. Makeup a check list to be used to verify all analytical requirements. This should include; root valve size and type, sample probe size and type, sample transport tube size and type, sample conditioning requirements, type of enclosure / shelter to be used, analyzer use (indication only, control, environmental), auto calibration and or validation requirements, sample return location, area class, electrical requirements for the complete system, drawing requirements which should include; fully detailed drawings that match the completed approved enclosure (BOM / Dimensional: analyzer & sample system, all sides / Flow diagram: analyzer & sample system, complete from sample take off probe to the analyzer sample discharge thru the supplied emission eliminator (if atmospheric return is require) and or back to the process or flare line / Point to point AC wiring diagram / Point to point DC wiring diagram)
  9. Verify FAT requirements
  10. Verify field requirements, area alarms, utilities (water, N2, instrument air)
  11. All required documentation to be complete and verified prior to performing a final FAT
  12. A pre-FAT maybe performed to verify the status and any engineering details to allow for a final FAT to be completed with final verification and sign off; note no FAT documentation can be signed off during a pre-FAT