Yokogawa O2 Learning Handbook (click on the title to view the complete handbook)

This handbook has been designed as an ongoing tool, which will be updated and amended on a regular basis to help keep the users abreast of developments based on process/application improvement as well as new product developments.
Oxygen concentration measurements are used in a variety of applications including, energy conservation, pollution reduction and process quality control and accomplished using several different measurement principals. Even Governmental regulations to control CO2 and NOx emissions, affect even small municipal, private and commercial utility boilers and furnaces as they must be controlled or at least tested on a regular basis. However, Zirconia-based Oxygen Analyzers are most commonly used for combustion control, burner optimization and to increase the efficiency of boilers and industrial heaters to achieve fuel conservation. Major end-users are found in the following industrial fields:
• Electrical Power Generation
• Chemical and Petrochemical
• Iron and Steel Manufacturing
• Petroleum Refinery
• Pulp & Paper
• Textiles