Analytical Reliability Analyst Task Force work outline




Analytical Reliability Analyst Task Force


Position Description:

Background in increasing the on-line reliability of control systems; to include all instrumentation, electrical and analytical systems.




Improve the safety and reliability of all analytical systems within the customer's site while also working to verify the systems are operating at optimal capacity at the same time working to keep a low cost to maintain the equipment.



Position Description:

Position Information

      Strength          Engineering / Maintenance

      Attribute           Instrumentation & Control Automation     


Position description – Purpose


The I/E Analytical Reliability task force acts as the focal point for technical assistance to each division and all disciplines on questions relating to I/E analytical problems, applications, and maintenance. 

This position provides proactive technical support to Operations, Engineering as well as Maintenance; working with department Coordinators, Planners & Schedulers focusing on diagnosing I/E analytical problems, developing repair plans, and overseeing the execution of repairs. 

The I/E Analytical Reliability task force is expected to take a lead role in identifying and troubleshooting complex base level Analytical reliability problems, and developing technically sound solutions. 

At times during troubleshooting or when training, coaching & mentoring the I/E Analytical Reliability task force may use tools or test equipment to perform hands on work or make minor adjustments. 

The focus of the I/E Analytical Reliability task force will be, Worst Actors, Troubleshooting high impact equipment failures; rather than that of routine support.

·The team will make recommendations for approval on priority work items based on expected economic, safety, and reliability benefits or as otherwise directed.  


Position description – Accountabilities



Identify, correct and participate in safety/environmental equipment failures and concerns.  Participate in recommending  solutions and or other safety/environmental procedures related to analytical instrumentation.

·         Review routine, project and shutdown work, and written procedures for compliance with accepted safety/environmental standards.

·         Review, audit, and implement procedures for emergency/critical systems related to process analytical instrumentation and electrical equipment.

·         Attend and participate in Client safety meetings.

·         Work toward incident free operations and reliability excellence.

    Run and Maintain (Operations & Maintenance Department Support):

·         Provide technical support at the request of Operations, Engineering, Maintenance Supervisors, and planner/scheduler for diagnosing Analytical    equipment problems and developing repair plans as outlined by the requirements of the I/E Analytical Reliability Analyst task force.

·         Maintain awareness of Operating Divisions priorities, needs and strategies.

·         Respond to plant upsets and assist in repairs, investigations, and corrective action as appropriate; always keeping management informed of all activities.

·         Troubleshoot measurement/control problems; escalate when an identified system or device has been verified through review of the issue and work it to resolution. This includes root cause analysis of problems across the facility. 

·         Maintain a close relationship with operators, Area Process Engineers and Maintenance to understand the issues they may have with the unit, piece of equipment or device.   

·         Work with Maintenance personnel to review the backlog based on overall facility reliability and assigned priority.

·         Work with the operations and maintenance departments to help insure that plant Operators, Shutdown Core Team Leaders, and Process Engineers understand the function and application of both existing and new process analytical instrumentation/electrical equipment.


 ·         Provide technical support to the Coordinator/Planner/Scheduler, Maintenance Supervision/Reliability Manager, Operations & Maintenance Specialists, and Maintenance Team Leader for Analytical related problems.

·         Help resolve conflicts with priorities for technical assurance and analytical strategies.  If necessary escalate the issue to I/E Maintenance Supervision/Reliability Manager if work priority conflicts cannot be resolved within the Operating Division. Should the issue involve a control system strategy; escalate to the Technical Manager for Control Systems to validate any technical assurance and analytical instrument strategy issues.


Reliability Improvement:

·         Ensure that I/E equipment failures receive the proper level of failure analysis

·         Work with the proper department planner to maintain the Analytical equipment “Bad Actor” list and develop plans to improve performance.

·         Document & communicate Analytical equipment failures and causes.

·         Develop preventive/predictive maintenance work plans for the equipment involved.  Review and adjust PM schedules as appropriate to maintain required performance.

·         Audit PM schedules to make sure they are followed.

·         Work with planer/scheduler to help insure that maintenance databases are accurate and current.

·         Track maintenance histories and evaluate analytical instrument performance to determine if the equipment is meeting performance expectations.  Identify root causes to problem analytical equipment and/or involve the Reliability Specialist to assist in this work. 


Technical Assurance:

·         Provide overall base level analytical instrumentation technical assurance for the facility.  Help ensure that the area complies with all technical assurance requirements as defined by the facility requirements (mandatory maintenance, documentation, compliance with applicable standards & procedures).

·         Communicate the mandatory maintenance requirements to the planner / scheduler. (i.e. coordinate testing (if applicable), documentation, procedure review)

·         Help ensure that mandatory regulatory driven maintenance is completed per requirements.

·         Develop, maintain and update appropriate analytical control system instrument documentation such as loop drawings & equipment spec sheets as they relate to current task requirements.

 ·         When assigned, work with the proper discipline on installation, commissioning & start-up of new process instrumentation.

 ·         Work with operations and maintenance on integrating process analytical instrumentation with complex instrument loops or other control systems.

·         Review spare parts to help ensure appropriate stock levels are maintained (verify obselence issue’s) and the correct items are stored in the material warehouse.

·         Provide off-hour support for emergencies as directed.

·         Act as the lead to insure that master P&ID drawings kept by the Operating Department are updated for any maintenance changes, plant change work, or project work done under the direction of the Analytical Instrument Reliability task force.

·         Review analytical instrumentation system revisions and maintenance activities for compliance with OSHA, NFPA and other standards to ensure overall compliance with current facility standards.

·         Develop procedures for special maintenance/testing work.

·         Identify technical issues, recurring problems and have them added to the overall reliability back-log for review buy the task force.



·         Identify and propose ongoing and new maintenance training needs.

·         Qualify craft based technical requirements.

·         Identify operator training needs (including refresher training) regarding analytical control systems and equipment in assigned area of work. Conduct Propose training where appropriate.

·         Monitor own training needs based on what is required to perform the role of the Analytical Instrument Reliability task force effectively

·         Coach and provide technical support and on-the-job training to Analytical Instrument Technicians.



·         Maintain ongoing two-way communications with Operations and Maintenance to keep an awareness of priorities, problems, and strategies.

·         Surface control systems problems/concerns with the Reliability and Operating Department supervision.

·         Issue status reports to management on significant activities and benefits.


Position Description – Additional Information

·         This is a staff function with no direct reports but with many interfaces.  Interpersonal skills, negotiating skills, networking ability and ability to manage multiple interfaces with varying need and priority are critical to success in this position.


Experience & Qualifications Required

·         Experience as a qualified  Analytical Instrumentation Engineer or Analytical technician within a petrochemical or power generation environment

·         Background in instrumentation and process analyzers, knowledge of troubleshooting techniques and maintenance practices.

·         5 years or more working hands-on within a petrochemical or power generating facility.

•   Experience with Electrical Reliability troubleshooting


Key Competencies Required

·         Communication skills       

·         Strong organizational skills

o   Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks with limited guidance 

o   Understands when to escalate for assistance

o   Leadership skills

·         Technical Capability/Learning Orientation

o   Understanding of basic process control or willingness to learn

o   Understanding of physical properties or willingness to learn

o   Understanding of metallurgy or willingness to learn

o   Ability to estimate, design, purchase, install and start-up new analytical instrumentation

o   General troubleshooting skills

o   An understanding of the overall strategies developed for analytical process instrumentation/control and information systems.

o   Knowledge and understanding of Process Plants in area or willingness to learn

o   Knowledge of applicable equipment procedures, policies, and standards.

o   Knowledge of orders, policies and procedures, regulations, codes and Management Systems or willingness to learn.

o   Ability and enthusiasm to learn new processes

o   Ability to apply knowledge creatively to solve problems

o   An understanding of the standards and codes that govern proper application of analysis and control systems;           (ie, NFPA, ANSI, ASME & OSHA).

o   A working Knowledge of engineering tools such as sizing, flow calc’s, etc.


 ·         As the Analytical Reliability task force progresses, there is an expectation that as a whole the group will continue to develop technical and professional skills, enhance it’s capability to make sound technical and business decisions, thus become better capable of performing more self-directed work. 


    Primary Interfaces:        


On-going responsibilities for: Analytical Reliability Analyst task force


·         Provide technical assurance and support for maintenance of field specific analyzers, instrumentation, hardware and software,

·         PM work scope and schedules

·         Provide Backup maintenance support for Analytical DCS systems

·         Provide Backup maintenance support for Analytical PLC systems

·         Tech assurance and first level support for Analytical Instrument Protective Systems

·         Support to project teams if needed

·         Providing technical assurance, support and training to Maintenance

·         Key resource in the determination of analytical instrument hardware failures and base level control problems.

·          Support role for the documentation of analytical instrument systems

·         Coaching of Operations and maintenance personal

·         Networking with other staff and/or vendors as new technology is implemented.

·         T/A planning and implementation

·         Participation in Safety, Environmental & Operability Reviews