Yokogawa Installation Detail Immersion Adapters for ISC40*-*G Sensor
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New Local Immersion Adapters for ISC40*-*G Sensor Part Original Material Number Number M1289HJ PVDF S2510046G1 M1289HH SS S2510046F1 Nut comes with ISC40* sensor (K1500AL spare part number) M1289H* NOTE: O-ring Seal is used instead of the Flat Seal provided with the ISC40* sensor. O-Ring Part Numbers (Not Included with the fitting, Must be Ordered Separately) 39.35 x 2.62 / 26.57 x 3.53 Tech Note: TNA1402 EPDM Viton Silicon K1500CE K1500CF K1500CG Kalrez K1500CH K1500CV Quantity 5 sets of 2 O-rings Date: February 11, 2014