Siemens SITRANS SL In-situ Laser Gas Analyzers Amendment 1 to Operating Instructions A5E01132948-04
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Continuous Gas Analysis SITRANS SL In-situ Laser Gas Analyzers Amendment 1 to Operating Instructions A5E01132948-04 Product Information Introduction This amendment contains necessary information to the following paragraphs of the Operating Instructions A5E01132948-04: ● Section 3.1 ● Section 4.2.3 ● Section 4.2.4 ● Section 4.3.3 ● Section 5.1.4 ● Section 5.2 ● Section 5.2.2 ● Section 11.1 ● Annex A To ensure safe operation of this device, make sure you also read the standard operating instructions for the SITRANS SL laser gas analyzer (A5E01132948) as of revision 04. This applies, above all, to the warnings and safety information provided there. Product Information Section 3.1 Section 3.1 is renamed to read: 'Preparing electric connection'. The existing paragraph 'Cable selection recommendation' remains as it is, the following paragraph is added: Power switch and fuse The device does not have a power switch. For power supply connection install an external power switch with a switching capacity of min. 1.5 A and a slow-blow fuse with a rating of 1.6 A. Install the power switch such that it is easily accessible during operation of the device. © Siemens AG 2012. All rights reserved A5E31311334-03, 08/2013 1 Section 4.2.3 The following paragraph is added to Section 4.2.3: ANSI 4"/150 lbs Process Interface When using a SITRANS SL analyzer with an ANSI 4"/150 lbs process interface (fabrication no. 7MB6221-xxxxx-xBxx) always make sure to use the right gasket and counterflange. The proper gasket is the one delivered either with the analyzer or as a spare part (A5E02789535). Its dimensions are stated in the following figure. The proper counterflange is the one specified in the operating instructions, its dimensions are quoted there in chapter 'Dimensional drawings'. The M16 bolts shall be tightened with a torque of M = 80 Nm. If a customer process flange with an inner diameter of more than 4" (101.6 mm) or an unsuitable gasket is used the flange joint will become leak-prone. Pressure ratings The different pressure ratings for the SITRANS SL flanges depend on the fabrication number stated on the nameplate. All quoted pressure values apply to room temperature. Fabrication No. p [MPa] p [bar] p [psi] 7MB6221-xxxxx-xBxx 1.6 MPa 16 bar 232.0 psi 7MB6221-xxxxx-xCxx 2.5 MPa 25 bar 362.5 psi 7MB6221-xxxxx-xExx 4.0 MPa 40 bar 580.0 psi Section 4.2.4 The following paragraph is added to Section 4.2.4: WARNING Toxic and/or corrosive gases When measuring toxic or corrosive gases, it could occur that sample gas accumulates in the analyzer because of leaks in the environment. To prevent the danger of poisoning or damage to parts of the analyzer, the analyzer or the system is subject to a leak test following the installation of the sensors. 2 Amendment 1 to Operating Instructions A5E01132948-04 A5E31311334-03, 08/2013 Section 4.3.3 In Section 4.3.3, Table 4.4 'Electric connection for PROFIBUS connection cable (accessory)' of items 1 and 3 the supply voltage rating in the function column has changed to read now 19 ... 30.2 V DC. Section 5.1.4 In Section 5.1.4, Table 5.5 'Electric connection for PROFIBUS connection cable' of items 1 and 3 the supply voltage rating in the function column has changed to read now 19 ... 30.2 V DC. Section 5.2 Section 5.2 applies to all FM and CSA applications and therefore its header is renamed to read 'FM/CSA'. Throughout this section any 'FM' statement is modified to read 'FM/CSA' instead. Section 5.2.2 The following paragraph is added to this Section: Special Conditions for Safe Use ● Always consult the manufacturer for dimensional information on the flameproof joints in case of repair. ● The painted surface of the SITRANS SL may be subject to electrostatic charge and thus become a source of ignition in applications with a low relative humidity of less than 30 % when the painted surface is free of surface contamination such as dirt, dust or oil. If necessary clean the painted surface only using a damp cloth. ● The SITRANS SL analyzers used for process measurement and control shall not measure oxygen concentrations greater than 21%. Section 11.1 In Section 11.1, Table 3 'Electric characteristics' the rating of item 'Power supply' has changed. The correct rating is 24 V DC nominal (19 ... 30.2 V DC). Annex A The following two paragraphs are added to Annex A: Classification according to Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) For gases of fluid group 1 and liquids of fluid group 1 the SITRANS SL gas analyzer complies with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, article 3, paragraph 3 (sound engineering practice). A marking in accordance with KC (Korea) KC marking for use in Korea only Device version Operating instructions A급 기기 이 기기는 업무용(A급) 전자파 적합기기로서 판매자 또는 사용자는 이 점을 주의하시기 바라며 가정 외의 지역에서 사용하는 것을 목적으로 합니다. Class A device This device is classified as having electromagnetic resistance suitable for industrial use (Class A) and may be used universally, apart from in domestic use. Siemens AG Industry Sector Postfach 48 48 90026 NÜRNBERG Amendment 1 to Operating Instructions A5E01132948-04 A5E31311334, 08/2013 A5E31311334-03, 08/2013 3