Emerson Model 328A Steam Sterilizable pH Electrode Instruction Sheet
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Instruction Sheet 51-328A/rev.C August 2002 Model 328A Steam Sterilizable pH Electrode SPECIFICATIONS STORAGE Wetted Parts: Ceramic, silicone and glass 1. When not in process, immerse electrode’s measuring tip in tap water or 5% KCl Solution. 2. For extended storage fill protective boot with tap water or 5% KCl Solution and place over electrode’s measuring tip. Store tip down. Automatic Temperature Compensation: Temperature compensation is generally not required since most applications operate very near pH 7 (isopotential point). When temperature compensation is required a separate RTD can be used with compatible instruments. NOTE Electrode Grade 4 pH Buffer may be used in place of 5% KCl Solution. Process Connections: Standard 12 mm insertion hardware (see Dimensional Drawing) Temperature/Pressure Rating: 446 kPa abs at 130°C (50 psig at 266°F) ELECTRODE PREPARATION 1. Remove electrode from shipping container. 2. Remove protective boot covering electrode’s measuring tip (pH glass membrane). Cable: 2-conductor, low-noise coax, 15 ft (4.5 m) 3. Wash away any salt film with clean water. Weight/Shipping Weight: 100 gms/180 gms (.2 lb/1.0 lb) 4. Shake internal solutions down to electrode’s measuring tip. Electrode is now ready for sterilization and installation. 584 kPa abs at 80°C (70 psig at 176°F) 791 kPa abs at 40°C (100 psig at 104°F) Performance: In typical applications, the Model 328A will perform continuously for 50 steam sterilization cycles. Sensitivity: ± 0.02pH Range: 0-13 pH: 1.67-4.01 pH 96% linearity 4.01-12.0 pH 99% linearity 12.0-13.0 pH 97% linearity Repeatability: ± 0.05 pH Recommended Accessories: PN 22924-00 - 25mm Insertion Mounting Adapter Kit PN 9550154 - O-ring, 2-210 EP CAUTION Sensor requires sterilization prior to use. NSTALLATION PROCEDURE (MODEL 328A WITH HOLDER ASSEMBLY) 1. NOTE NOTE A preamplifier is required for all applications using a Rosemount transmitter. To eliminate twisting the sensor cable, hold the CAP stationary and rotate holder. When CAP is in place, back it off 1/2 turn and pull the electrode into place with cable. Retighten the CAP. Locate kit containing sensor O-rings, (1) O-ring, spacer and Lube package. Lube small O-rings and position, with spacer, on sensor as illustrated in Figure 1. 6. Lube wire seal. Install with washer according to Figure 1. Seal is split to facilitate installation when sensor cable is equipped with spade lugs. 7. Slide the Bushing over cable and screw it into Holder as tightly as possible by hand. 8. Slip 1-1/4 “ Threaded Nut over cable to O-ring (2). Lock in place with External retaining ring. NOTE Do not allow O-ring grease to come in contact with glass electrode bulb. 2. Lube (1) O-ring and install on CAP end of Holder. 3. Locate Bushing kit with wire seal and washer, (2) O-ring, and External retaining ring. Lube (2) O-ring and form the wire seal end, work it into groove on Holder (See Figure 1). 4. Insert sensor, cable first, into holder from CAP end. 5. Slide the CAP over the sensor and screw tightly into place. NOTE Sensor does not include preamplifier. MAINTENANCE Performance of electrode will decrease with age and use. Sluggishness, offsets, noisiness, and erratic reading may indicate that electrode needs cleaning and soaking. 1. To remove oil deposits, clean electrode measuring tip with mild, non-abrasive, detergent. 2. To remove scale deposits, soak electrode’s measuring tip for 20-30 minutes in 10% hydrochloric acid. WARNING Handle sensor with care to avoid glass electrode breakage and exposure to sensor fill solution. KCl sensor fill solution may cause skin and/or eye irritation. Flush with water for a minimum of 15 minutes for eye exposure. Wash with soap and water for skin exposure. 3. SHAKE INTERNAL SOLUTIONS DOWN to electrode’s measuring tip. 4. If electrode liquid junction appears to be clogged or dried out, soak junction portion in 80°C 5% KCl solution for one (1) hour. Leave electrode in solution while cooling. FIGURE 1. INSTALLATION 2 FIGURE 2. DIMENSIONAL DRAWING OF MODEL 328A AND OPTIONAL MOUNTING ADAPTER HARDWARE KIT (PN 22924-00) 3 FIGURE 3. WIRING MODEL 328A-08 SENSOR TO MODEL 1055-22-32 ANALYZER The right people, the right answers, right now. ON-LINE ORDERING NOW AVAILABLE ON OUR WEB SITE http://www.raihome.com Specifications subject to change without notice. Credit Cards for U.S. Purchases Only. Emerson Process Management Liquid Division 2400 Barranca Parkway Irvine, CA 92606 USA Tel: (949) 757-8500 Fax: (949) 474-7250 http://www.raihome.com © Rosemount Analytical Inc. 2005