CONDUCTANCE DATA FOR COMMONLY USED CHEMICALS  (click on the title to view the complete reference from Emerson)


From an analytical point of view, little can be done with a conductance reading, however accurate it may be, unless it can be related to chemical concentration via a table or graph. Much data has been generated in the past 100 years in this area, but a comprehensive gathering of the information in a form useful to industry has been lacking. It is hoped that the following will provide a ready and reasonably accurate reference of conductance values for the majority of electrolytes encountered in industrial situations.

The information is presented in graphical form to permit rapid evaluation of response patterns and to eliminate the time consuming and often impractical (because of non-linearity) extrapolation required in tables with widely separated concentrations. This method of presentation sacrifices the precision gained by listing actual values, but the accuracy retained is more than sufficient for the great majority of industrial uses. The intent has been to provide a useful working tool more so than a scientific reference.